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Thorrnet Publishing is a new venture from Tucker Dean, an indie-publishing veteran who worked on viral hits like Robot Unicorn Attack and Duck Game and artful indies like Rain World and Westerado. Over ten years and nearly a hundred game launches, Tucker has opened doors for indie developers on nearly every platform.

At Thorrnet we believe small publishing can be big. We bring you the expertise, reach, and connections of big publishers while leaving behind corporate bloat, waste, and the executives...especially the executives!

You want a publisher who cares as much about your game as you do. You want someone to tell you the truth, help you make hard calls, and cut through a crowded market. You want us, and we want to work with you!


Griefhelm - Slay your friends!

Griefhelm - Slay your friends!



Are you a developer that has a great game idea? Get in touch with us! We would love to help.